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Diners Rush to Move Their Vehicles Before Car Bursts into Flames in Parking Lot  

Diners rushed to move their vehicles June 11 seconds before a car erupted in flames outside an Irvine breakfast parlor. The driver of a charcoal grey Nissan hatchback backed into a parking space in front of a 17595 Harvard Ave. diner and left his car running. The heat from the exhaust pipe caught some brush on fire—sending the car into flames, authorities said. “Everybody sprinted out from the restaurant to move their cars as fast as they could,” Michael Cannavo told The Epoch Times. Cannavo was having breakfast with his friend at the Poached Kitchen, when they saw a parked car emitting heavy smoke. His friend commented, “That car didn’t pass smog,” Cannavo said. “Within 30 seconds of that comment, it is like billowing smoke. I moved my [car] as soon as it started smoking because I knew I was going to get trapped in with a fire truck coming.” Cannavo said around five restaurant employees ran outside to inform the driver …

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