RightPerks USA Exclusive

Introducing RightPerks USA™

The right community, the right perks for “right-minded” individuals like you.

If the current climate has a silver lining, it’s that principled conservatives are very clear as to where their values lie. And when it comes to a benefits program, their choice is easy with the unveiling of RightPerks USA™.

RightPerks USA is your gateway to premier offers and other benefits from an organization that syncs with your values. Now, easy-to-use benefits are (literally) at your fingertips from an organization that represents and upholds your conservative values.

“RightPerks USA believes that everyone should have access to greater consumer benefits without compromising their fundamental beliefs,” said COMPANY REPRESENTATIVE WE CAN NAME. “It’s that premise that brought together a group of like-minded individuals to make RightPerks USA™ a reality. We are a small business that believes in a free-market economy and knows there are others just as hungry for the RightPerks USA consumer benefits membership program as we are.”

The proof is in our growing membership. The benefits are many for a $25 annual investment in the program:

DEEPER SAVINGS THAN YOU’LL FIND ELSEWHERE. The bottom line is that RightPerks USA will make a significant impact on your bottom line. Most benefits programs retain a portion of the discounts as part of their revenue. We take a different approach, passing on 100% of the savings to members. So you will experience deeper savings with RightPerks USA than you would anywhere else.

BENEFITS YOU’LL WANT TO USE. Not only that, but benefits aren’t hit or miss. By teaming up with Entertainment Reward & Incentives, the experts in the discounts market for more than 60 years, RightPerks USA members have access to local and national discounts including the best perks in the categories that matter most to you. These include savings on groceries, dining out and gas as well as less-often-used discounts on occasional travel or spa visits.

“Entertainment Rewards and Incentives has such a robust database that we can custom build a program with the things most attractive to you. Research shows this includes food and dining, shopping and services, experiences and entertainment and lastly, leisure and travel,” said Mark Hartwig, vice president, Entertainment Rewards and Incentives.

VARIETY IS THE SPICE OF LIFE. All told, RightPerks USA draws from 500,000 offers including many 50% off or buy-one, get-one deals you won’t find anywhere else. RightPerks USA offers thousands of perks for the things members say matter most to them in their daily lives. The result: Comprehensive offerings canvassing the entire United States include many local offers.

“The Entertainment network is robust and unique in being able to get the strongest offers possible, and in 100% of the United States’ metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs),” said Hartwig. “So whether you’re in Nome, Alaska, or the middle of Wyoming, you’ll be able to tap the benefits you want.”

AT YOUR FINGERTIPS. Whether you’re sliding into your usual booth in your favorite restaurant or stocking up on weekly groceries, tapping your benefits are just a few swipes and clicks away. With an intuitive online portal and mobile app on your smartphone, you can save money on the go instead of remembering coupons or special cards to access savings. Mobile-responsiveness means your device adjusts offers based on location; a friendly dashboard keeps tracks of your savings so you’ll quickly realize the financial benefit of the annual membership.

“The average member should pay for the cost of their annual membership by using just one to three of the program’s offers,” said Hartwig. “And you’ll feel like a valued shopper in the process.”

Tap just two offers per week and you’ll save at least $30 in month on restaurant meals, grocery store runs and other items you’d buy anyway.

WE KEEP LISTENING AND DELIVERING THE INFO YOU SEEK. Our members want to be part of an organization that listens to what matters to them and responds accordingly. So we keep a constant flow of communication with members to make sure they feel heard and a part of the community of principled conservatives we’re building. How do we deliver? Perks, of course, but also educational content. We want our members to be the most supported, well-informed members of any program anywhere. So we deliver content on how to navigate all life’s twists and turns as well as wellness tips, conservative thought education and insights into local and regional issues most relevant to your day-to-day life – and that you’re not as apt to find elsewhere.

READ ALL ABOUT IT. A key part of delivering on what you want to know is our website’s news aggregator. It will take the work out of needing to scour the Internet for the stories that matter to you. We take on the role of educating members like you with the information you need to feel informed and well-connected to issues you care about.

WE’RE CLEAR ABOUT OUR INTENTIONS. In addition to reading the news, you’ll have access to information about the like-minded group behind the RightPerks USA program. Unlike other entities, we will be transparent about our political advocacy efforts so you’re empowered to defend the principled conservative values that matter most to you.

“Everyone we’ve met on the RightPerks USA team has been enthusiastic and sincere about where they’re headed with this, and it’s exciting to see the traction and to be a catalyst for that growth as part of the program,” added Hartwig. “It’s refreshing to see a small group so strong in its beliefs taking an opportunity and building it into something significant.”

GET ON BOARD. It’s never been a better time to become a part of something bigger to move conservative values forward. This is your opportunity, for an annual $25 investment, to become a part of a community that reflects your values and advocates for real change that will affect you, your children and your grandchildren. Joining is as easy as 1-2-3. Simply click on “become a member” on this site, start using your benefits immediately and then watch the savings add up and the flow of information from fellow conservatives come your way.