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Portland Police Union Relocating After Being Repeatedly Targeted by Antifa

The police union in Portland, Oregon announced this week that it is relocating its headquarters because of repeated attacks by rioters, including members of the far-left network Antifa. The Portland Police Association enjoyed friendly relations with neighbors after transforming a building that had housed a card room that involved illegal drug use and late-night partying, Daryl Turner, the union’s executive director, said on Facebook. “The neighbors welcomed us and were glad to have the police union and police cars there. The community supported us and dropped by to say hello. We opened a Rest Stop for officers, so they had a place to come have lunch, use the restroom, and write reports. Time and again we heard from folks that they felt safer in the neighborhood and were thankful to have things cleaned up,” he said. But after protests and riots started in the summer of 2020—things have died down, …

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