Facts Matter (Aug. 12): Mom Fights Elementary School for Segregating Kids Based on Race

In Atlanta, an elementary school principal made an interesting choice: she segregated the kids based on race. She had different classes and teachers for black kids versus white kids. In Oregon, in order to “help communities of color,” the governor just signed a new bill into law, which will allow high school students to graduate without proving they can read, write, or do math. The Texas Supreme Court just ruled that the Speaker of the House has the authority to arrest and detain Democrat lawmakers who fled the state in order to block an election bill. Stay tuned for our newsletter so you won’t miss out on our exclusive videos and private events. Facts Matter is an Epoch Times show available on YouTube. Follow Roman on Instagram: @epoch.times.roman Follow EpochTV on social media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EpochTVus Twitter: https://twitter.com/EpochTVus

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