What’s Going On in the Wisconsin Legislature?

Week of 8/9/21

Important Legislation/Current Happenings

  • The Governor rejects Election Reform Legislation.- Governor Evers recently vetoed a series of recent bills passed by Assembly GOP that would have imposed new restrictions on absentee ballots in the state of Wisconsin. Wisconsin republicans don’t have enough votes in their caucus to override the veto. All of the vetoed bills contained common sense election integrity reforms. One of the bills would have required the elderly and others who are ‘indefinitely confined’ to show voter ID. This is important to conservatives because all citizens deserve the right to free and fair elections.
  • Curriculum Transparency bill introduced in the state assembly– Republicans in the senate and assembly are discussing and circulating a bill that would require districts to publish a list of materials in the classroom. It is a bill that will provide transparency to parents about what their children are learning. This is important to conservatives because we want our students to be educated to be prepared for the real world, not to be indoctrinated by leftist philosophies.
  • Assemblyman requests UW Campuses submit Covid policies for review. GOP assembly member Adam Neylon is telling the UW System that they must follow the law if they are to impose new Covid 19 related mandates. It is important to conservatives as our taxpayer dollars go to fund the majority of the UW system. We also have a right to know what our children and students are being exposed to at school.
  • Critical race theory debates held in the legislature– This week there was an eight hour hearing at the capital to discuss putting certain limits on discussions of racism in public schools. The bills that were introduced by assembly republicans would prohibit public schools, universities and technical colleges from teaching students about systemic racism and implicit bias. This is important to conservatives because we want history to be taught the correct way, state the facts and don’t include ideology. Conservatives also don’t believe students should be grouped or categorized but rather all treated with respect.
  •  The Governor and defunding the police.  Governor Evers recently vetoed a republican backed bill that would penalize local  governments that attempt to defund local police departments. This matters to conservatives as we are the party of law enforcement and respecting law and order. In a time where crime is on the rise, it is irresponsible to defund and disrespect our police departments

Spotlight on Members of the Legislature

  • Meet 3 new members of the legislature: Will Penterman is the new representative for the 37th assembly district. He won a special election in June and the general election in July. Elijah Behnke is the new representative for the 89th assembly district, winning his primary in February and the general election in April. Finally, state senator John Jagler won his election in April.
  • Rep Janel Brandtjen stands up for election integrity. The republican assembly member demands clerks in two key Wisconsin counties turn over ballots and voting machines for review of potential voter fraud. Brandtjen is the chair of the Assembly’s election committee and issues subpoenas to the Milwaukee county and Brown county clerks.

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